Bill Johnson, Clay Greene Polled Most Experienced among Marin County, Calif., Divorce Lawyers

SAN FRANCISCO – April 1, 2011 (TLC News) – Veteran Bay Area divorce lawyers Bill Johnson and C. Clay Greene were cited as “most experienced” among divorce lawyers of Marin County by 20 Bay Area lawyers polled in 2010.
Johnson, based in Sausalito, and Greene, of San Rafael, each have more than 30 years of experience handling divorce matters.  They received 15 and 13 references, respectively, when The Ten Leaders Cooperative asked 20 Bay Area divorce and trial lawyers, all based outside Marin, who are the “most experienced” divorce lawyers Marin County. The poll was taken over a three-month period in late 2010.
Johnson is a founding partner of Johnson & Miskel in Sausalito.
Johnson was inducted into Ten Leaders in 2008. His Ten Leaders profile, developed the following year, can be found here:

Greene is a partner of Greene Jordan Taubman & Taubman. His Ten Leaders profile can be found here:

Also receiving votes were Madeleine B. Simborg of Corte Madera and John McCall of San Rafael; according to their offices both are serving as “private judges” handling arbitrations and mediations.