Health Care Attorney Keith Roberts Joins Brach Eichler

ROSELAND, NJ, Dec. 5 (TLC) — Attorney Keith J. Roberts, since 2006 a member of the Ten Leaders of Health Care Law of New Jersey, has joined the law firm of Brach Eichler L.L.C., based in Roseland.

Roberts, 43, is a longtime health care lawyer with deep roots to the New Jersey health care community, particularly independent practices and physicians.  He joins Brach Eichler  as a member of its health care practice, focusing on insurance litigation and arbitration matters.

Roberts built an early reputation as a successful litigator in Personal Injury Protection car-accident claims against insurance companies. According to his Ten Leaders profile, Roberts “brought a rare zeal to a field that many attorneys regarded as unimportant. In fact, in the late 1990s Roberts’ cases alone represented nearly 5% of all of New Jersey’s 20,000 so-called “PIP Arb” cases – an eye-popping share for a single attorney. That record earned the respect of many of the region’s physicians, whose payments had been held up by denials of insurance claims.”

Brach Eichler has nearly 60 lawyers, many focusing on commercial litigation and health-care matters.