TLC Launches Campaign for Philadelphia Trial Lawyers

RESTON, VA July 18 (TLC News) – The Ten Leaders Cooperative, America’s original qualified promotional cooperative for experienced professionals, announced this week that it is launching a magazine campaign for The Ten Leaders of Civil Trial & Personal Injury Law of Greater Philadelphia.

The campaign, in Philadelphia Magazine, a monthly magazine, commences in September 2013.

The magazine campaign is the first for a group of civil trial lawyers in the US. The Cooperative currently promotes 43 groups of experienced trial lawyers in regions and states across the US; those groups were researched and created between 2004 and 2011, according to Stephen E. Clark, Director of The Cooperative. Some New York-area groups were advertised in The New York Times from 2004 to 2006, but none were multiple-insertion, long-term campaigns.

The cooperative has conducted ongoing magazine campaigns for some of the cooperative’s 49 matrimonial and divorce lawyer groups across the US. It has also promoted groups in employment law and criminal defense law.

Current campaigns include promotions in Long Island Pulse Magazine, NY Magazine, The Washingtonian Magazine, Philadelphia Magazine and SJ Magazine of South Jersey.