Ten Leaders Cooperative Upholds Ban on Anonymous Posts

WASHINGTON, D.C. July 31 (TLC News) – The Ten Leaders Cooperative, America’s original promotional cooperative for experienced and qualified professionals, reiterated that it has no plans to allow anonymous posts and other unsourced feedback about members on the 7,500 web pages it publishes, according to Stephen Clark, the cooperative’s director.

“We established our policy of no anonymous posts on member pages in 2005,” said Clark.  “We reviewed that policy over the past six months. Despite the explosion of social media and sites allowing anonymous reviews of professionals in recent years, our board decided to retain our current practice of confidentially forwarding email feedback to our members.”

Added Clark, “We’re not interested in free-for-alls” in which anonymous posters try to destroy a professional’s reputation with no risks or consequence to themselves. “Too many anonymous posts nowadays originate from competitors seeking to undermine a rival, from unrealistic clients hanging out their laundry – or from third-party sites consciously trying  to blackmail professionals into doing business with them.”

The Ten Leaders Cooperative was founded by Newbridge Media LLC in 2002 in Fort Lee, NJ. It is headquartered today in Reston, VA.  Today it has more than 5,000 members who are experienced professionals in medicine, the law and finance.